Reference Applications

The purpose of the reference applications is twofold, 1) to showcase the capability and breadth of the kiteworks Mobile Content Platform and, 2) to help you get familiarized with our REST APIs, mobile SDKs, and have a starting point. You can build on top of these reference applications by adding more features, tweak it for the better or use snippets of its code in your own app. We hope that our reference apps will spark your imagination and help you bring mobile innovation to the enterprise.

Oops! Insurance App

The Oops! insurance app for iOS automates the many interactions and processes that occur between an insurance agent and a policyholder after a car accident. The app directs the user in taking photos of the involved vehicles, recording the location of the accident, following up on tasks, uploading/downloading and viewing/editing documents related to the incident. The application is built with the combination of the Apple iOS SDK and kiteworks iOS SDK. Watch a video on the Oops! Insurance App. 


Google Glass ER App

The Google Glass ER app helps the ER physician quickly retrieve patient data and consult with specialists while constantly keeping her focus on the patient. The app notifies the ER physician that a patient has arrived in ER, the physician can assign herself to the patient and begin to read the patients chart through the app. The notification feature of the app alerts the physician when an MRI has been completed and the physician can use the app to consult with a specialist on the MRI results. The application can be extended to include many more features such as being able to view the patients heart rate in real-time and receive alerts for any procedures that have been completed on the patient. Watch a video on the Google Glass ER App.